HIP002 - Wellknown Wallet

the goal

Fernando Falci proposed this as a way to enter your Handshake name into the “HNS address” section instead of the long wallet address - and it would take your HNS wallet address THAT YOU specify (it doesn’t need to be the same wallet address that the TLD is in) and populates that corresponding wallet address in the address bar.

Note - this DOES not need to be the same wallet address that the name is held in. The way this HIP002 is set, that any wallet address the owner of the TLD puts is where the funds will go. This is done for flexibility as well as privacy (so that the person sending the funds will not know where the wallet that owns the name is).

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Donation Goal Reached

Thank you to all the generous donors

0.015 ETH from HNS don


22.02 HNS - from HNSdomains on twitter


2,800 HNS - Pirate God Handshake Marketing stepped up and offered - 1500 HNS

Flamingo Handshake auction - can pitch in 500 HNS

Chris Moore - 500 HNS

SkyInclude (“Mike” / this video/blog channel) - 300 HNS


200 USD (in HNS) - Falci


HNS name from 🐋 / donated the 👨💻 (xn--qq8hgf)